Who We Are

We are Portable Dentistry, and we provide portable dental services in a wide variety of procedures. Warm and Gentle Dental Provides an Ideal Solution for:

  • Patients who are challenged to receive dental care due to mobility or health issue
  • Patients who need gentle, non-threatening Dementia and Alzheimer’s dental care
  • Senior and Disabled Patients in need of special attention

Our charges are generally less than the cost of ambulance transport into the dentist’s office or the emergency room. Charges are based on several things:

Travel charge to the home, X-rays plus procedures such as,

Why Choose Warm and Gentle Dental, Portable Dentistry Services?

We started this business out of love and a desire to provide compassionate, safe, state of the art, portable dental care.

We have a vast experience caring for all types of patients, including those with special needs, individuals with disabilities, and seniors. Our focus is on patients living in Assisted Living Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities and for elderly, home bound patients, for whom it may be difficult or impossible to visit a conventional brick and mortar dental office. We will visit your private residence, care homes or assisted living facility to provide dental care in a non-threatening, comfortable environment and provide the same care you would receive at your dental office for the same price.